Digital Currency Careers for Digital Nomads

As the crypto economy evolves, more and more different career opportunities are emerging within the space. Mining cryptocurrencies now requires substantial computing power and may be beyond the reach of those who like to remain mobile and work on notebook PCs. However, there are numerous other opportunities that require little more than a basic notebook.

Firstly, trading cryptocurrencies is now a full time or part time job for many. It’s probably the most obvious career option in the space too. Cryptocurrencies are very new, and like all new asset classes, they experience extreme volatility. That’s good news for traders, as more volatility creates more trading opportunities.

With so many people getting involved in the industry, there is already huge demand for cryptocurrency analysts and writers. Investors need information on the latest developments in a digestible format. While a few established sites like Coindesk dominate the space now, new sites are springing up on a weekly basis. Even established news sites like Fortune need dedicated crypto writers these days.


With as many as 500 initial coin offerings a month, writers are needed to review the white papers of these ICOs and highlight the pros and cons of each one. With so much news flow, investors rely heavily on analysts to filter out the noise and find the key information needed to make decisions.

The good news is that because the industry is so young, aspiring writers can get up to speed quite quickly.

Bitcoin gambling is a new phenomenon that has sprung up in the last few years. On Bitcoin gambling sites, customers gamble using Bitcoin instead of cash. The big advantage is that transferring money to and from bitcoin gambling sites is much cheaper than it is with fiat cash. As this is a new area, potential customers like to hear about the experiences of others, so some sites have set up a gambling blog to explain the advantages of bitcoin gambling.

Online Bitcoin gambling casinos offer numerous games including blackjack, poker, roulette and many others. While many only play for fun, poker and blackjack are games that many people have managed to play professionally over the years.


In the future, we are sure to see even more roles emerging, some of which will be perfect for self-employed people who are tech-savvy. As more businesses begin tapping into the crypto economy and taking payments in the form of digital currency, there will be an increasing need for crypto consultants. The owners of most small businesses know nothing about cryptocurrencies. They will need help deciding whether they need to be able to accept cryptos, how they can convert those digital assets to cash and which payment engines to consider.

We are sure to see more and more digital nomads working in the crypto economy. Most industries have initially been resistant to having people work remotely. The great thing about the crypto economy is that all these roles are immediately suitable for people who work remotely. In fact, many of the people building the crypto economy are digital nomads themselves.