How Can You Effectively Manage Your business’s Reputation Online Through Tech

In today’s world, your online reputation is just as important (or even more important) than your offline reputation. Which is why big brands spend millions annually to keep themselves relevant and attractive across social media platforms. Some even go as far as owning dedicated servers so that they possess 100% personal control over the effectiveness of their website, data management, and other online activities.

But dedicated servers are expensive to both own and maintain. With the following online technologies listed below, you can effectively control and manage your business’ online reputation at less cost.

  • By setting up Google Alerts.

Google Alerts is a very useful tool. If properly set up, it will have email alerts sent to your inbox each time your brand is mentioned anywhere on the web. This way, you can effectively keep an eye on what’s been said about your brand online and respond as necessary, instead of letting a conversation about your brand negatively spiral out of control.

  • Use social management tools.

Social management tools such as Radian6  and HootSuite will let you track, monitor, and respond to any mentions concerning your brand that occur on social media platforms. If a customer complains about your brand on social media, you can swiftly respond to rectify the complaint. And if your brand’s services are praised, you can be there to say thank you.

  • Setting up a Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile.

BBB is where many online customers go when they are looking for information concerning a brand’s credibility. BBB hosts a number of honest reviews concerning the services of a company, and if people are saying nice things about your company there, that’s great for your online reputation. And if customers are saying bad things about you, that’s good too because it shows you what aspects of your business you need to improve to better satisfy your clients and build longstanding trust.

  • Employ a help desk system or community manager.

This will provide immense support by properly and systematically dealing with customer feedback and complaints. It also provides an effective means for addressing issues being talked about online concerning your product or service. A bad review that sits unanswered can be very damaging to the online reputation of your business but setting up a help desk system provides you the means to tackle such head on.

A community manager will be considered your company’s social media face that solves customer issues firsthand or directs customers to appropriate help. On the other hand, a help desk system can serve as tech support that addresses complaints concerning your product or service in an organized manner.

  • Monitor your competitors. 

Monitoring the progress or failures of your competitors online can be very useful in helping you refine your own approach towards handling customers online. It’s simply about learning from the mistakes of others.

Always remember that when it comes to the online reputation of your business, the needs and satisfaction of your customer base is always the priority.