Awesome Productivity Hacks For Your Office

Productivity is key when running a business and encouraging it in the workplace can help to make your business more dynamic and ultimately more successful. In order to increase productivity in the work place you must ensure as an owner that you are creating an environment whereby your staff have all of the tools to do their job, and that  they understand what is expected of them. Ito help you boost your team’s levels and their output, here are some great office hacks for productivity improvements in the office.


You must make it a key rule within the office that clutter will not be tolerated, either in public spaces or on the desks of your staff. The reason for this is that visual clutter can actually aid in cluttering the mind, leaving your staff more disorganized. Clearing up the clutter can help your staff to remain focussed on the job in hand.


The noises around your office will have a direct impact on the productivity of your staff and you should look to manage this carefully. a great hack which can help with the noise issue around the office is to create various noise zones. For example you could have a quiet zone where people could go to get stuck into work, a music zone where the people work on projects and get fired up for new ideas, and a phone zone where your staff can go to make customer calls. This is just a suggestion but you really should be mindful of how important noise can be when it comes to productivity.


Believe it or not, the colors around the office can also play an important role in increasing or decreasing productivity. Scientists have studied this for many years and they say that colors such as yellows, oranges and summer colors can work wonders in terms of infusing us with energy. In contrast, darker colors such as blacks and grey have been proven to leave us uninspired and lacking energy.


Decorating your office space with some aspects of nature can also greatly help your workers to feel more positive and more productive. Incorporating flowers and plants for example are a great way to bring the outdoors inside, and put your workers in a more peaceful and comfortable mood. It is more than just the sense of relaxation which plants and flowers can bring, but also the boosted levels of oxygen in the office which they will create.


Finally you should be looking at what kind of furniture your staff are using in the office. If they have a broken chair and an old, chipped desk, they are unlikely to feel pumped about the day ahead. You need to make sure that your staff can sit in a comfortable way and that they have the perfect base from which to launch their working day. Invest in good furniture and you’ll get that money back through increased productivity.