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Three Travel Rules You Should Never Break

Everybody travels for their own reasons, on their own terms and with their own ends. That’s part of the joy of exploring this planet we call Earth. But there are a few simple travel rules a person should never break, regardless of whether you’re off to scale mountains or kick back in an all-inclusive resort. […]

Five Tips for Safe Travel in South Africa

South Africa is a wonderful place to visit, but poverty and increased crime rates have made travelers hesitant to take a trip to the country. But with such an impressive diversity of cultures, languages and landscapes, South Africa boasts much to be proud of, and much to attract the adventuresome traveler. So here are some […]

Australian Working Holiday Visas – the Ins and Outs

In Australia, industrial and commercial progress and development have been increasingly evident in the last few decades. The continent has become a hub of opportunities for people from all around the world. Whether they’re coming to pursue an education or employment, people – especially young people – have been coming to Australia and finding opportunities […]