After recently attending an event, I was fortunate enough to chat to some great financial minds and people who offered some great insight into the world of finance. I was also fortunate enough to speak to Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Miami-based financial advisor, and we got to talking about the financial scene in Miami, which sees huge amounts of investments both residential and commercial. Finally I asked Mr Dwyer what it was that makes a great financial advisor, whether working with powerful companies in Miami or elsewhere. If you have ever considered this as a career choice, here are the skills which he told me that you will need.


The key to being a financial advisor is your ability to be able to study understand and make predictions about the market. Financial advisors do not guess, they base everything that they say on the data which they have studied. Therefore in order to be a great financial advisor, you must have an analytical nature which allows you to best study financial data and make your decisions.


Financial advisors are still employees who are looking to make a living from what they do, and this means that one of the key aspects of the position is to be a good salesperson. When it comes to pitching your ideas to clients, you must be able to do so with real conviction, and in a way that means the client will buy into your ideas.


Financial advice is not just about being right, being helpful or being resourceful, but also about being a great communicator and someone who can build and maintain strong relationships with your clients. Whether you are working with Fortune 500 companies or wealthy individuals, you must understand your client, in order to make them feel comfortable with you, and comfortable enough to take your advice.


Financial advisors live and die by the advice which they give, and in order for people to trust you enough to follow your advice, you must have strength in your convictions. The confidence which you have should not be false however and the key is that you have natural confidence because of the knowledge which you possess, as well as being confident in the way that you have processed data and taken decisions.

Desire to Learn

There isn’t a financial advisor out there, not even Patrick Dwyer who will claim to know everything about the world of finance, and this is why you must always have a desire to learn more. Financial advisors must be a  Jack of all trades in terms of finance, and whilst you will have a particular speciality, you will find that from one day to the next you’ll be dealing with different aspects of finance. In order to survive therefore, you must have a natural desire to learn and educate yourself on any new advancements or changes in the financial world.